Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots

Santa Claus games aren't always restricted to the holiday season. Some games, such as this diverse slot allow players to enjoy humorous themes and holiday fun during the warmer months of the year. In fact, this is one of the rare Santa themed slots that might be best played from April to August. This slot is all about Santa and his two sexy helpers, one of them represents naughty while the other represents nice. Naughty or Nice Spring Break is the sequel to the original Naughty or Nice Game. In this game, Santa is on the run from Mrs Claus and is on vacation in Florida. This game has scattered Naughty and Nice Symbols, and you can also enjoy the Naughty or Nice Feature which is where one of the girls awards free spins, prize multiplie4rs and extra wilds. The game is played on five reels and features three rows, and is played on 30 pay lines.

Compared to the North Pole, the beautiful sandy beaches and the clear water must be refreshing. Of course, Santa isn't just visiting the beach for the sake of relaxation, Santa wants to check out the babes in their bikinis. There is both a brunette and a blonde girl, and dolphins that are artful at removing the bikini tops of both naughty and nice. Of course, it's not all fun in the sun. Mrs Claus isn't happy about Santa's cheating, and has her trusty rolling pin in case she needs to keep her elderly husband in line.  


In this game, you'll be collecting coins for dolphins and daiquiris. However, the real wins come by getting rid of the muscular lifeguards who have their eyes on Santa's girls. If you can keep Mrs Claus from interrupting Santa's beach fun, you'll receive 1,250 coins, or if you can keep Santa from being caught in general, you'll be paid out a lucrative 1,500 coins. Who knew helping with adultery paid so well? The Naughty or Nice 2 symbols will also help you unlock a bonus feature! You can also unlock a bonus feature by playing for an extra bet. However, without the extra bet, you can play for the low price of $0.10. If you play with the feature, the bet will increase to $7.50 per spin. Of course, with the added extra bet, you'll be guaranteed a bonus feature in 250 spins or less. In addition to this, this game is available to play on your smartphone. You can play using IOS or Android devices. You could also play Naughty or Nice effortlessly using your tablet or iPad.

Special Features and Final Thoughts

The bonus feature really unlocks a sensual and scandalous bonus round. Naughty and Nice are the stars of this special feature, and as you admire their beauty and sex appeal, you will have to select a lady. Once you've selected a lady, you'll be awarded free games, multipliers and cash. Whether you prefer the edgy type, like Naughty, or the Nice Girl, you'll enjoy a lucrative prize.